Glassy Dome of Art

We are gathered here to develop the culture and art around Iran and the neighborhoods. We want to make the society more vivid, spirited and happy. We founded Gabbeh Institute/NGO (previous name: Termeh) in “twenty-ten” in the fields of culture, art and education with some cultural and educational projects and workshops for University of Tehran. We worked with them for “two” years and then developed our partners to many other schools, NGOs and public organizations such as Municipality of Tehran.
We try to use brand new experimented, innovative, practical while academic methods to deliver learning and education to participants in an enjoyable and perceptual way. We use Learning by Doing, Gamification, Learning by Art and Fun Theory as methods. Also we generate contents for the workshops and projects we launch. We do R&D in this regard.

Please visit one of our products/projects that is available in English too here: Café Roshd

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In Gabbeh, with an innovation-support attitude and open insights, we wish to synergize our efforts to reach a better peaceful co-existence life in a diverse environment, using art, cultural elements, education, social habits, human values and technology.
We wish to provide such environment for every individuals who are eager to be a part of the global village, for who want to participate in this road.


We respect all values and believes that respect human rights. We try to be honest and understand each other by active listening, celebrating differences and respecting, without pre-judgement.
We want to use critical thinking in a friendly and positive atmosphere to evaluate and criticize our ideas, works and responsibilities professionally.
We respect animals, environment and the earth. We try to avoid from any activity which would risk their life. This attitude reminds us to respect ourselves too by eating healthy, doing sports and giving our spirit fresh air (Mentally).
Deep inside we believe all human kinds are equal, though are different, and we all deserve to have equal human rights. We celebrate differences and try to learn and experience new things from them.
We try to be fair and generous, to forgive illnesses and hurts while prevent them to happen again. We try to make people be along together to synergize and work in teams.
We, in Gabbeh, together and alongside, happily, vivid, free and full of energy and fresh, are welcoming challenges and experiences of life.


We want to develop learning by doing, by art and gamification. We want to be the most pioneer in this field.
We’ll develop our pioneer educational system, we will be one the 5 top impressive organizations in this field in Iran, and next in the world.

In Gabbeh, we believe some day not far, we could impact on preventing wars by developing learning and dialogues between people and cultures.
We wish to live peacefully in a world full of diversities.

[A poem by Khayyam, Iranian Mathematician and Poet]

می‌پرسیدی که چیست این نقشِ مجاز
“What is this unreal projection” you asked,

گر برگویـــم حقــیـــقــتش هست دراز
I said: “It has a long fact and story behind if I tell you”

نقشـــی است پدیــد آمده از دریـــایی
It’s an image, risen from a sea

و آنـــگاه شده به قَعْـــرِ آن دریــــا بـاز
and then fallen deep inside that sea again

حکیم عمر خیام